Sanjay Krishnan

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and the College

Sanjay Krishnan studies applications of machine learning and control theory to design, analyze, and verify computer systems that adapt to changing data, systems infrastructure, and user behavior. This involves reconciling formal logic with new ideas from statistical estimation. His current projects include adaptive database query processing and optimization with reinforcement learning; testing for confirmation bias through active database probing; revisiting multimedia databases in the era of deep learning; and “microautonomy” to mitigate the effects of data loss in robot teleoperation.

He has published research on collecting, cleaning, visualizing, interpreting, and storing data, and has collaborated on a project that turned seismic readings into artwork. His work has been recognized with the 2016 Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Management of Data Best Demonstration Award and the 2015 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Global Humanitarian Technology Conference Best Paper Award.

He received a BS in electrical engineering and computer sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS and PhD in computer science from the same institution.

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