Niels Gormsen

Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
Chicago Booth

Niels Gormsen’s research interests include financial economics and empirical asset pricing. His PhD thesis addressed the empirical relation between risk and return in equities, and studied why the expected return on stocks as a whole varies over time and why there are predictable cross-sectional differences in the return on individual stocks.

Gormsen’s co-authored paper “Betting against Correlation: Testing Theories of the Low-Risk Effect” received a Roger F. Murray Prize from the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance (Q Group) and will soon be published in the Journal of Financial Economics. His research was recognized with an AQR Top Finance Graduate Award in 2018.

He earned a PhD in financial economics, an MSc in advanced economics and finance, and a BSc in international business, all from Copenhagen Business School. During his graduate studies, Gormsen spent time as a visiting scholar at Harvard University and Columbia University. Previously, he taught corporate finance at Copenhagen Business School.

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