Message from the Provost

Each year offers the opportunity to reflect on the values and history that have made the University of Chicago a distinctive place of learning and discovery, and to consider how the University community renews these ideals over time amidst an ever-evolving environment.

The University of Chicago was founded on the idea that one could create, and continuously renew, a university focused on rigorous intense inquiry and analysis. The University, through its work every day, expresses the view that clarity derives from the clash of ideas, the challenge of assumptions, and the willingness to accept answers only when they meet the tests of argument. A culture of rigorous inquiry presupposes an environment where multiple and often competing perspectives and ideas interact in an intense atmosphere of intellectual exchange and engagement.

The intellectual vibrancy of our University is fundamentally driven by the quality of the faculty we are able to recruit and retain. As we welcome our new faculty to the University our task is to provide an environment and culture where they can thrive, discover new insights and solutions, create new fields and areas of inquiry, and inspire generations of new students.