Amy Ward

Rothman Family Professor
Chicago Booth

Amy Ward’s research focuses on the approximation and control of stochastic systems, with applications to the service industry. Much of her past work has focused on the impact of customer impatience and abandonments on performance. Her recent work investigates the interactions between behavioral incentives and operational efficiency in service systems, with a focus on call centers. Her research draws upon tools from statistics, optimization, probability theory, queueing theory, game theory, decision analysis, and simulation.

Her findings have been published in Operations Research, Queueing Systems, and Production and Operations Management. She is serving as the chair of the Applied Probability Society through November 2018. She is also the Service Special Interest Group chair for the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society, as well as the Stochastic Models Area editor for Operations Research.

Ward earned both a PhD and MA from Stanford University, and a BA from Claremont McKenna College. Prior to joining the University, Ward was professor of data sciences and operations at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

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