Aashish Clerk

Institute for Molecular Engineering

Aashish Clerk is a theoretical physicist whose research straddles the fields of condensed matter physics, quantum optics, and quantum information physics. He is broadly interested in studying quantum phenomena in engineered artificial systems ranging from superconducting quantum circuits to optomechanical systems, where light interacts with the motion of a massive object. His research has applications to quantum information processing and quantum sensing, and also touches on more fundamental issues in the study of driven dissipative quantum systems.

His research has been recognized by several awards, including a Sloan Research Fellowship, an E. W. R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship from Canada’s National Science and Engineering Research Council, the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics from the Royal Society of Canada, and, most recently, a Simons Foundation Fellowship in Theoretical Physics.

Clerk received his BSc in mathematics and physics from the University of Toronto, followed by a PhD in theoretical physics from Cornell University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University prior to joining the faculty of the Department of Physics at McGill University.

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