Catherine Kearns

Assistant Professor
Department of Classics and the College

Catherine Kearns’s research focuses on the archaeology of landscape developments and social change in the ancient Mediterranean, ca. 1000–500 BCE. She is particularly interested in how past societies interacted with and experienced changing climates and environments, and how these interactions shaped social and political organization. For the last several years she has conducted fieldwork on the island of Cyprus, investigating countryside settlements that helped condition the growth of new city centers and trade networks on the periphery of the ancient Greek world. Her new field project will examine rural communities and their economic and social developments through excavations and geophysics in south-central Cyprus.

Kearns’s publications on the archaeology of landscapes, environmental change, and the cultural meanings of space and place have appeared in the Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, Antiquity, and in edited volumes on Mediterranean archaeology. She is currently co-editing a volume on new trends in Cypriot archaeology. She is the recipient of Cornell University’s Lane Cooper Fellowship, a Society for the Humanities Sustainability Research Grant, and a Fulbright US Student Grant to Cyprus.

Kearns received her MA in classical archaeology from the University of Arizona and her PhD in classics from Cornell University. Most recently, she was an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities and lecturer in the Department of Classics at Stanford University. 

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